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Get This

Everybody made a big deal about the Pope’s first tweet like he was finally getting with the program, and now it turns out that President Obama sent his own first tweet yesterday

How ‘bout that.

By the way, the Pope just took off to Castel Gandolfo, in the hills about an hour south of Rome, for his summer break to escape the Roman heat, get ready for WYD-Madrid, and do what he really likes to do to relax: write books. Everybody ready for Jesus of Nazareth IIIMore details here.

Tweet of the Week

to all church workers who refuse to learn how to use new media: the pope a) has an ipad b)launched a website from it c)tweeted about it.

Classic. Love it.

Tweeted by @samthomeczek, h/t Rocco in an article worth reading if you’re interested in the Vatican and tech.

Archbishop Gomez and the Pope discuss… tweeting?

Gotta love it.

At St. Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday, church leaders and the faithful from around the world, including hundreds of LA area residents gathered to see Pope Benedict confer a special vestment, called a pallium, on newly appointed metropolitan archbishops, including LA Archbishop, Jose Gomez.

"He asked me where I was from and I said Los Angeles California, He opened his eyes really wide and said, ‘a very important archdiocese,’" according to Archbishop Jose Gomez.


Pope Benedict made history yesterday by becoming the first pope to tweet.

"I heard that, yeah," says Archbishop Gomez. "I was about to talk to him about tweeting, because now I have a Facebook page, so I said maybe we should talk about it, but I didn’t have time."

Speaking of the Archbishop’s Facebook page, he proudly posted a photo of himself with the pope shortly after the historic moment took place. (read the rest, with video)

Nice. For the record, here’s the archbishop’s Facebook page and here’s the Pope’s tweet.

What would you talk to the Pope about?

The first tweet ever sent from the top of Mount Everest. Kudos for that!

Personally, I would have tweeted something more like, “I’m having a ‘Psalm 8’ moment on Everest"…

What would you have tweeted?

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