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Study: Religious Americans Just as Tech-Savvy as Others

“There is a viewpoint that the more tech-savvy a person is the less religious they tend to be,” Jim Jansen, a senior fellow at the Pew Internet Project and author of a report on the findings, told Mashable. “Our study shows that religiously active Americans use technology at rates in line with the general population.”

Our young people are pulled in two different directions which cause them a lot of tension and anxiety. On the one hand, there is a power that pulls them downwards – selfishness, falsehood, and evil. If they give in to this downward pull, then they are diminished, less human, and distanced from God. The opening of cyberspace has provided our young people with positive human interaction, as well as some very negative and dangerous connections. The availability of e-mail, the web, chat rooms, Facebook, YouTube, web cams, blogs, etc. has opened up avenues never before thought possible. With this technology, our youth can communicate with great ease, share emotions, access information that helps them in their education or employment. Unfortunately, cyberspace has a very dark side that can quickly lure an unsuspecting young person into sexually abusive relationships, dangerous circumstances, behavior and thinking that are far from Gospel values.

On the other hand, there is a greater power – the grace of the Holy Spirit – which pulls them upward – that is, toward God’s love which leads to a life of integrity, wholeness, generosity, peace, and joy. It is a choice our young people have to make at a younger age today, and hopefully, the life-giving values passed on to them will assist them in making the choice for God.

— Bishop Curtis Guillory (Beaumont)
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