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I truly don’t feel like Jesus is right there during the Eucharist. When I feel Him really with me is during praise and worship, personal prayer time, and I see Him all the time in other people. Why do I need anything more than His grace and a personal relationship with Him? - Anonymous

This may sound really odd, but I don’t feel Jesus there either. I guess we’re in the same boat! That’s the really strange thing about the Eucharist. Somehow Jesus was okay with the fact that our senses just shut down around the Eucharist. We don’t see God, hear God, touch God, taste God… and yet it’s God there.

The key is that — as with all things that are authentically divine — our eyes don’t work. We have to trust the “eyes of faith.” And, as the traditional theological dictum goes, faith is “of things we hear,” not things we see. So we can’t count on our eyes, but we can count on what we are told and what is passed down to us… the Word.

Faith, not sight! That’s the only answer that you and I can hold onto. But we’re not clinging desperately… we’re actually anchored onto a rock more firm than any human certainty. God has said so!

So when you go to Adoration or go to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, ask him humbly for that grace to “see” more clearly with your eyes of faith and to discover his Presence. Because of that Presence, our lives can never be the same!

It’s great to hear that you’re able to have so much fervor and clarity of Jesus’ presence in personal prayer, etc. It’s truly a gift! It won’t always happen. A little bit on that here. But pray that the same thing start to happen more frequently with the Eucharist… it’s a great support for faith. But faith ultimately isn’t about what we feel… it’s about what we believe.

And if that’s the case, then that relationship — with a God who gives himself to you as food and drink — will be more personal than anything else we could ever have imagined! And that grace will be more tangible than anything else we could ever have imagined!

I love being Catholic. Every day just convinces me more that I don’t deserve this at all. It’s just way too much. God is good!

- Father Shane

Hi Fr. How can one deal with a person that can be very annoying, that certain person is always lying, praising himself, and relies on others for strength while God should be our only strength. So how can I be kind to that person but also tell him that he should be himself. He wants to add me on facebook, but I don't want to approve him just because I don't want him to stalk me. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!! God Bless you!! - Anonymous

I hope you’re not talking about me… ;-)

There will always be annoying people in our lives, always, everywhere. (Sigh.) It’s just a matter of learning to deal with it in a Christian way. Have you prayed about it and asked God for strength? Are you reading and meditating on 1 Cor 13, hoping that God will enlighten you? Are you asking for the gift of patience?

Everybody changes and matures, but everyone does so at their own pace. Some people are really slow, but getting annoyed at them won’t speed up the process.

With the Facebook thing, just tell him straight out, but when you do so, offer some sort of olive branch… some sort of mending-fences thing or an offering of friendship at some lower level. You’ll have to see if there’s anything feasible given your circumstances. Pray for prudence, wisdom, patience and fortitude… and charity above all!

Sometimes we’re like sandpaper for each other. Our rough edges end up smoothing out others and creating virtue in them… if we let it!

God bless you!

- Father Shane

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