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The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord, by the numbers.

Good Day, father! :) Thanks for opening up your askbox. My question is this: For Catholics who want to live the faith fully, is it a sin to watch "sensitive" scenes in movies? (I don't know what to call it!) For example, passionate kissing scenes and the like? Similarly, is it a sin to read about them and listen to songs with bad lyrics? (For example, common lyrics of hiphop songs have references to sex, etc.) Is there an objective answer to this or does it differ based on self knowledge? - Anonymous

Here’s a great answer on that point from a priest friend of mine: part 1, part 2, and part 3. Does that help?

God bless you!

- Father Shane

Have a Holy Holy Week

I’ll be offline most of the week… I’m scheduled for about 25 hours of confessions in 3 places, plus 3 Masses on Easter Sunday morning in 2 Connecticut parishes, etc., etc.

But I’ll mostly be at these street missions. In Manhattan this week? Would love to run into you.

My crazy idea about “live-Tumblring” the Passion will have to wait… Maybe somebody else can do it. Have a very blessed Holy Week!!! See you on the other side…

Palm Sunday! Time to reblog Spirit Juice Studios’ powerful short film from last year…

Jesus wants you to get to heaven even more than you do! 

In fact he wants it so bad that…

live, love, breathe, worship: My Prayer For Purity


Lord I give You all the desires of my heart- may You bring them into line with Your perfect will.
I give You my mind- may it be filled with thoughts that could be brought into Your holy presence.
I give You my mouth- may I speak only that which honors You, encourages others, and reveals a pure…

Diego Velazquez, 1632

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