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Some footage from the Manhattan street missions where I spent much of Holy Week. These are youth missionaries carrying a life-sized cross from Columbus Circle through Times Square to Soho on Good Friday. (I was up in Westchester that day.)

So many amazing things going on all over the world during Holy Week! God is good.

Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of being a missionary

She is out there somewhere — a young, adventurous girl who always seems to land right in the middle of an unbelievable adventure. Today she’s in Port-au-Prince, the poverty stricken but stunningly beautiful capital of Haiti. She wakes up and breathes deeply of the Caribbean air and feels the warm sun. She is ready for today’s adventure – serving as God’s missionary.

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Three reasons to pray for the missions this Sunday

Before there were houses in this land, there were altars.

— Archbishop Jose Gomez (Los Angeles)
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