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Father, Is a person's vocation a matter of God's positive will? Does the Church teach that God has a specific call for every person to one vocation (marriage, priest etc.) or are these just ways that we can choose to follow the universal vocation to holiness and God doesn't care about the specifics? In my country Catholicism is a minority faith & trying to find a suitable partner to discern marriage with is hard, so if God wills me to be married then will He also help me find a suitable spouse? - Anonymous

It’s notoriously difficult to nail down something specific about this in Church documents. If anyone knows of anything, let me know! We are told that we all have our own individual calling to a state of life, that all are called to holiness, that humanity in general has a universal vocation to life in God, and that some people have a specific call to total consecration to God (Catechism 15781618, etc.)

Obviously, it’s easier to say that someone is called to marriage (once they’ve found the right person and are on the way to the altar) or to single life after the fact rather than during discernment. But yes, I would say that if God wills you to be married and have a family, he also wills you to have the necessary means (personality, characteristics, availability of a spouse) necessary to carry that out.

God definitely cares about the specifics more than we think (Matthew 6:25-33) but I would hesitate before saying that he definitely has a specific person in mind for you from all eternity if you’re called to marriage… it’s probably more accurate to say instead that he will definitely provide you the opportunity if it’s his will.

So pray a lot for that! “Ask and it will be given to you” (Matthew 7:7). If you’re praying for God’s help in living out the vocation he has asked you to live, he will never let you down!

God bless you!

- Father Shane

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