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Good Day, father! :) Thanks for opening up your askbox. My question is this: For Catholics who want to live the faith fully, is it a sin to watch "sensitive" scenes in movies? (I don't know what to call it!) For example, passionate kissing scenes and the like? Similarly, is it a sin to read about them and listen to songs with bad lyrics? (For example, common lyrics of hiphop songs have references to sex, etc.) Is there an objective answer to this or does it differ based on self knowledge? - Anonymous

Here’s a great answer on that point from a priest friend of mine: part 1, part 2, and part 3. Does that help?

God bless you!

- Father Shane

A Catholic Parish Making a Major Motion Picture


‘Go now and sin no more.’ 


‘Go now and sin no more.’ 

The priest whose grandfather was John Wayne

Why so many new Hollywood films about the Bible?

How to make awesome Catholic short films for YouTube.

One Reason I Like Tumblr People

They’re very sensitive to beauty. They blog the stuff they do because it’s beautiful.

Beauty is one of the classic paths to knowing God, of course, because He is Beauty itself and all the things he makes reflect his pure beauty somehow, though imperfectly.

Saint John of the Cross, classic:

God created all things with remarkable ease and brevity, and in them he left some trace of who he is, not only in giving all things being from nothing, but even by endowing them with innumerable graces and qualities, making them beautiful in a wonderful order and unfailing dependence on one another. All of this he did through his own Wisdom, the Word, his only begotten Son by whom he created them. (Canticle 5,1)

So go reblog the most beautiful thing on your dash right now…

Am I right on this?

POWERFUL new Spirit Juice short film about an unplanned pregnancy.

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