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The Catholic/Digital Problem

Catholics under 30, who embody the future of the Church, are true digital natives. They experience life in both the physical and digital space, with real world experiences like the Mass amplified across online profiles and communities, sparking curiosity and conversation among people who expect to be able to find answers (at least, orthodox clarity of information) as simply as they search for an address or pay a bill.

The digital life, in other words, impacts lines of thinking and personal formation. This leads to an inescapable conclusion: the Catholic Church is missing a tremendous opportunity.

An interesting article. Read the rest

It is always rather interesting when the Pope and the Huffington Post are both clued in to something that many diocesan communications offices aren’t.


You know you’re Catholic when…

you’re friends with priests on facebook. :)


I guess I must be Catholic, ‘cause I’m friends with lots of priests on Facebook.

Tweet of the Week

to all church workers who refuse to learn how to use new media: the pope a) has an ipad b)launched a website from it c)tweeted about it.

Classic. Love it.

Tweeted by @samthomeczek, h/t Rocco in an article worth reading if you’re interested in the Vatican and tech.

Our young people are pulled in two different directions which cause them a lot of tension and anxiety. On the one hand, there is a power that pulls them downwards – selfishness, falsehood, and evil. If they give in to this downward pull, then they are diminished, less human, and distanced from God. The opening of cyberspace has provided our young people with positive human interaction, as well as some very negative and dangerous connections. The availability of e-mail, the web, chat rooms, Facebook, YouTube, web cams, blogs, etc. has opened up avenues never before thought possible. With this technology, our youth can communicate with great ease, share emotions, access information that helps them in their education or employment. Unfortunately, cyberspace has a very dark side that can quickly lure an unsuspecting young person into sexually abusive relationships, dangerous circumstances, behavior and thinking that are far from Gospel values.

On the other hand, there is a greater power – the grace of the Holy Spirit – which pulls them upward – that is, toward God’s love which leads to a life of integrity, wholeness, generosity, peace, and joy. It is a choice our young people have to make at a younger age today, and hopefully, the life-giving values passed on to them will assist them in making the choice for God.

— Bishop Curtis Guillory (Beaumont)

Archbishop Gomez and the Pope discuss… tweeting?

Gotta love it.

At St. Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday, church leaders and the faithful from around the world, including hundreds of LA area residents gathered to see Pope Benedict confer a special vestment, called a pallium, on newly appointed metropolitan archbishops, including LA Archbishop, Jose Gomez.

"He asked me where I was from and I said Los Angeles California, He opened his eyes really wide and said, ‘a very important archdiocese,’" according to Archbishop Jose Gomez.


Pope Benedict made history yesterday by becoming the first pope to tweet.

"I heard that, yeah," says Archbishop Gomez. "I was about to talk to him about tweeting, because now I have a Facebook page, so I said maybe we should talk about it, but I didn’t have time."

Speaking of the Archbishop’s Facebook page, he proudly posted a photo of himself with the pope shortly after the historic moment took place. (read the rest, with video)

Nice. For the record, here’s the archbishop’s Facebook page and here’s the Pope’s tweet.

What would you talk to the Pope about?

LA's Archbishop Gomez is having fun on Facebook

There’s always this look of shock on their faces when I talk about it.

— Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton, on how young audiences react to finding out that he’s on Facebook and has a blog

If you pay attention to this stuff, the Pope has a message for you today about Tumblr

AskBox Be Still

I’m turning off “Questions” for a little while to try to get through the 53 from those of you who have been patiently waiting. If there’s something personal or urgent, feel free to get in touch with me via Facebook.

God bless you all!

Hi Fr. How can one deal with a person that can be very annoying, that certain person is always lying, praising himself, and relies on others for strength while God should be our only strength. So how can I be kind to that person but also tell him that he should be himself. He wants to add me on facebook, but I don't want to approve him just because I don't want him to stalk me. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!! God Bless you!! - Anonymous

I hope you’re not talking about me… ;-)

There will always be annoying people in our lives, always, everywhere. (Sigh.) It’s just a matter of learning to deal with it in a Christian way. Have you prayed about it and asked God for strength? Are you reading and meditating on 1 Cor 13, hoping that God will enlighten you? Are you asking for the gift of patience?

Everybody changes and matures, but everyone does so at their own pace. Some people are really slow, but getting annoyed at them won’t speed up the process.

With the Facebook thing, just tell him straight out, but when you do so, offer some sort of olive branch… some sort of mending-fences thing or an offering of friendship at some lower level. You’ll have to see if there’s anything feasible given your circumstances. Pray for prudence, wisdom, patience and fortitude… and charity above all!

Sometimes we’re like sandpaper for each other. Our rough edges end up smoothing out others and creating virtue in them… if we let it!

God bless you!

- Father Shane

Does 'Facebook depression' affect you?

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