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Mission Accomplished

Thanks, Pope Benedict!!!!!!!!!

In our heart, in the heart of each of you, let there be always the joyous certainty that the Lord is near, that He does not abandon us, that He is near to us and that He surrounds us with His love. Thank you!

— Pope Benedict’s last words at his last General Audience, today


Amen! Pope Bene just smacks you right in the head!


pope benedict

Epic Tumblr Atheist Photoshop Fail.
Turning a priest into a Nazi by cropping off his left arm as he extends both hands in blessing over the people is the best you can do? lol


pope benedict

Epic Tumblr Atheist Photoshop Fail.

Turning a priest into a Nazi by cropping off his left arm as he extends both hands in blessing over the people is the best you can do? lol

What matters most is that you develop your personal relationship with God.

— Pope Benedict XVI

Love is the only force that can transform the world.

— Pope Benedict XVI (June 6, 2012)

The Gospel does not allow shortcuts.

— Pope Benedict XVI

No one who looks at these issues realistically can ignore the genuine difficulties which the Church encounters at the present moment. Yet in faith we can take heart from the growing awareness of the need to preserve a civil order clearly rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well as from the promise offered by a new generation of Catholics whose experience and convictions will have a decisive role in renewing the Church’s presence and witness in American society.

— Pope Benedict XVI, today

Any answers that do not finally lead to God are insufficient.

— Pope Benedict XVI

Africa has great problems and difficulties, like all humanity has great problems. If I think about my youth, it was a completely different world than that of today, so much so that I sometimes think I’m living on a different planet from when I was a young man! Humanity finds itself in an ever more rapid process of transformation, and for Africa this process over the last 50-60 years, moving from independence after colonialism up to today, has been very demanding. Naturally, it’s a very difficult process with great problems that haven’t yet been entirely resolved.

Nevertheless, there’s a freshness, a ‘yes’ to life, in Africa, a youthfulness that’s full of enthusiasm and hope. There’s a sense of humor, a joy. It shows a freshness, too, in the religious sense. There’s still a metaphysical perception of reality, meaning reality in its totality with God. There’s not a rigid positivism, that restricts our life and makes it a little arid, and also turns off hope. I would say there’s a fresh humanism in the young soul of Africa, despite all the problems that exist. There’s a reserve of life and vitality for the future that we can count upon.

Pope Benedict XVI (yesterday, beginning his trip to Benin)

Will the Pope visit Mexico and Cuba next year?

A very rare public hint. Usually these things aren’t announced by the Vatican until all the plans are completely set on both sides. Wonder what it means. Read the rest!

We cannot remain silent about the existence of evil. We see it in so many places in this world; but we also see it – and this scares us – in our own lives. Truly, within our hearts there is a tendency towards evil, there is selfishness, envy, aggression. Perhaps with a certain self-discipline all this can to some degree be controlled. But it becomes more difficult with faults that are somewhat hidden, that can engulf us like a thick fog, such as sloth, or laziness in willing and doing good.

Again and again in history, keen observers have pointed out that damage to the Church comes not from her opponents, but from uncommitted Christians.

So how can Christ say that Christians, presumably including these weak Christians, are the light of the world? Perhaps we could understand if he were to call out to us: Repent! Be the light of the world! Change your life, make it bright and radiant! Should we not be surprised that the Lord directs no such appeal to us, but tells us that we are the light of the world, that we shine, that we light up the darkness?

Dear friends, Saint Paul in many of his letters does not shrink from calling his contemporaries, members of the local communities, “saints”. Here it becomes clear that every baptized person – even before he or she can accomplish good works – is sanctified by God. In baptism the Lord, as it were, sets our life alight with what the Catechism calls sanctifying grace. Those who watch over this light, who live by grace, are holy.

Pope Benedict XVI at last night’s Prayer Vigil with Young People in Germany

(photos from here)


Being Christian is not a sort of uniform to wear in private or on particular occasions, but is something alive and all-encompassing, able to take up all that is good.

Benedict XVI

Pope to German Jewish leaders: "Hitler was a pagan idol"

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