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Some random Photoshopped thing that I saw somewhere. What’s wrong with this picture? This…

He had no majestic bearing to catch our eye, no beauty to draw us to him.

He was spurned and avoided by men, a man of suffering, knowing pain,

Like one from whom you turn your face, spurned, and we held him in no esteem.

Yet it was our pain that he bore, our sufferings he endured.

We thought of him as stricken, struck down by God and afflicted,

But he was pierced for our sins, crushed for our iniquity.

He bore the punishment that makes us whole, by his wounds we were healed.

We had all gone astray like sheep, all following our own way;

But the LORD laid upon him the guilt of us all.

Though harshly treated, he submitted and did not open his mouth;

Like a lamb led to slaughter or a sheep silent before shearers, he did not open his mouth.

Seized and condemned, he was taken away.

Who would have thought any more of his destiny?

For he was cut off from the land of the living, struck for the sins of his people.

He was given a grave among the wicked, a burial place with evildoers,

Though he had done no wrong, nor was deceit found in his mouth.

But it was the LORD’s will to crush him with pain.

By making his life as a reparation offering, he shall see his offspring, shall lengthen his days, and the LORD’s will shall be accomplished through him.

Because of his anguish he shall see the light; because of his knowledge he shall be content;

My servant, the just one, shall justify the many, their iniquity he shall bear.

Therefore I will give him his portion among the many, and he shall divide the spoils with the mighty,

Because he surrendered himself to death, was counted among the transgressors, 

Bore the sins of many, and interceded for the transgressors.

Isaiah 53:2-12

Jesus took on our weakness! That’s why he’s not Superman. He chose not to be. If he really had been a man like this, we wouldn’t have been able to identify with him at all.

I worry until midnight and from then on I let God worry.

Blessed Luigi Guanella (to be canonized October 23, 2011)

Those who fall alone remain alone in their fall, and they value their souls little since they entrust it to themselves alone.

— Saint John of the Cross (Sayings #8)

110% of the people I have talked to this week really needed to hear this song. Lyrics here. The theology is spot-on.

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