Isn't saying that nobody created Earth just as ridiculous as saying nobody created God? - Anonymous

Not sure where you’re going with this one, but the “nobody created God” is a pretty interesting dilemma. The answer of course is, yes, nobody created God.

The short and completely un-nuanced way to put it is that everything comes from something. Planets come from cooling protoplanetary disks, plants come from seeds, seeds come from plants, Coke comes from factories, etc. So if you keep asking where everything came from, ultimately you’ll get back to something at a Very Beginning. But what did that something come from? Or is there something that simply didn’t come from anything, that simply is, that is the very basis for our entire universe in every way?

Key point: If God is really outside space and time, he’s entirely outside our human eyes/ears/telescopes experience of spacetime. He’s entirely different. And maybe when we see him in Heaven as he is, we’ll understand a little better how ridiculous it is for us to think that he could somehow have been created.

Put simply, there’s no free lunch in metaphysics. It can’t be turtles all the way down.

God bless you!

- Father Shane


  1. justcallmezim said: This is one of the nicest, most clear explanations of Aquinas’ Argument from Contingency that I’ve seen! Thank you, Father!
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