How do you eradicate feelings of doubt? That possibly everything regarding faith is just wishful thinking driven by a fear of death? Because recently, I haven't been able to shake those horrible feelings that maybe God is just an elaborate lie and when we die, we just cease to exist and that is the end. I am a practicing Catholic and I come from a family of extreme faith, and I myself would say I have a very strong love for the Lord, but recently I've been riddled with doubts. What can I do? - Anonymous

I’m deeply sorry to have taken so long to get back to you! In the meantime, you might have seen this response to a similar question. You might also get something out of these posts.

It’s normal to have periods of less clarity about our faith, and moments of greater clarity. It’s very important to nurture your faith all the time (consuming things that will help it grow) and not to doubt in darkness what you have seen in the light.

Faith isn’t just about reasonableness or logical necessity, either. Above all, it’s opening ourselves to something transcendent and loving what we have experienced.

More than eradicating feelings of doubt, try to simply go deeper in the experiences of God’s closeness which have powered your faith. You should definitely read this post to see more about that.

Feel free to get back to me — even on Facebook — if that isn’t fully answering your question! God bless you and count on my prayers in the meantime.

- Father Shane


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