Confession Question

Here’s another question for everyone, since the responses to the poll the other day were so fascinating.

What’s the bit of advice that you’ve received from a priest in Confession that has most stuck with you?


  1. slag02 answered: Say Three Hail Marys in the Morning and Three at Night for Purity and for a Holy Death… but mostly for Purity
  2. happyandcatholic answered: The closer you are to God, the harder the Devil tries. It’s kind of a backwards compliment, in a way.
  3. beetlebaum answered: PUSH—Pray Until Something Happens!
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    To say a few mental prayers when someone is tempting you to have uncharitable thoughts or if you wish to say something...
  5. ashtun answered: I asked a priest why I couldn’t seem to get close to Mary. He then asked me what my relationship with my mom was like. It was answer enough.
  6. xcforclasscalmcomposurex answered: God loves you. He would have never made you and given you life, if he did not.
  7. adriennecristaaa answered: "You’re doing good, trust me."
  8. kissesforyourlovin answered: "If you pray regularly, and love Jesus with all your heart, you don’t need to go to mass every weekend unless you desperately need it."
  9. pourlapetitefleur answered: He told me, “Pray for serenity.” I prayed: “Father told me to pray for serenity. I have no idea what that means.”
  10. minersnotminors answered: Every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, say three Hail Marys for purity of Mind, Heart, and Body.
  11. arcsine answered: To pray twice as much when you are sad or stressed, because it’s at times like those that we tend to give in to temptations the most.
  12. diligere answered: Keep praying for hope, the Lord knows you and knows your situation, He will show his plan to you and you won’t miss it.
  13. unconformed answered: The simple fact that God loves me for the tremendous sinner that I am, no matter what.
  14. cultural-escapist answered: To keep my heart pure.
  15. disgruntled-and-catholic answered: When the priest have his personal stories to relate my sin with his. It shows humility, humanity, hope.
  16. amigocesar answered: he told me not to look at what I was missing out on, but at what I was achieving for love, when it comes to sins that are considered “normal”
  17. deigratia21 said: "You’re trying to live up to other people’s expectations. You need to be best version of yourself-the person who God created you to be- not what your family or friends want you to be. Be yourself. "
  18. crazylove765 answered: That God loves me for me.
  19. mystagogy answered: It’s a hard question. I’ve gotten great advice. To pick one, the priest advised a daily examination of conscience.
  20. classicsfan answered: To trust in God’s plan, stay close to Mary, and remember that Jesus loves me.
  21. romancatholica answered: the one time i was not absolved from my sins “do not forget the power and grace of confession.”
  22. ifeelwritten answered: "Sometimes it’s ok to be mad with God. He gets off too easy." It made me laugh :)
  23. sword-meets-rose answered: Don’t let sin keep you away from confession! There’s nothing too bad to confess.
  24. perrycanary said: (carried over) …you’re doing ok.
  25. perrycanary answered: If you feel like you’re not having as much fun as other people, or you have a bad day, thank God in those moments because it probably means
  26. anchortomysoul answered: "Love your neighbor as yourself" If you’re not loving yourself, you can’t love others, and in turn, God.
  27. flowersintheseweeds answered: Pray in my car on the way to work & don’t be discouraged.
  28. talitha--koum answered: The power of Jesus’ name. In moments of temptation, or when we’re close to sin simply uttering the name Jesus is enough to stop you, & it is!
  29. emilty answered: Praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is AWESOME.
  30. itsoddrey answered: To ask Jesus for his friendship (:
  31. fynneyseas answered: That because love is a choice, even if one cannot feel its presence, it is still there. Moreover, God always chooses to love us.
  32. mrsrandallboggs answered: that we have every right to defend ourselves if we’re threatened, but when people aren’t nice, sometimes turning the other cheek is best
  33. perstephsanscouronne answered: The best advice/penance I’ve received was a book recommendation, specifically: The Way of the Disciple by Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis.
  34. christopherbaoantran answered: you are filled with grace, w/e u do to ur body, u do to God
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