A Guys-Only Question

I hear it said occasionally that pretty much every Catholic guy will at some point in his youth think about the possibility of becoming a priest. Somebody will mention it to him, or he’ll just think of it out of the blue, etc. 

No better way to see if that’s actually true or not than to ask Tumblr. Guys only, of course. So have you ever thought of it at some point, guys?


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  2. slag02 answered: Yes - I had felt like a lost priestly vocation at times - I am married now with 4 children and will continue to discern any call God gives me
  3. notesinbetween answered: Yes. During highschool I felt I would meet a priest from my highschool when I go to Lourdes and it occured this year.
  4. rockinairman answered: I still consider it, but the married life is just as strong in it’s calling. I still don’t know but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough!
  5. becomingmoreethirsty answered: Yep. Actually last week after helping to lead a LifeTeen retreat my pastor told me that it was about time I started to seriously discern…
  6. restlesshippo answered: Yes. Still do even though I am married with 4 kids. Started with the good priests at my Catholic grade school. Every boy was asked to.
  7. vivejesus answered: I definitely thought about it just last night. :) But, I think you’re audience maybe a bit partial here on Tumblr for a good answer too.
  8. mrnevernevercan answered: Yes.
  9. disgruntled-and-catholic answered: I think about it all the time.
  10. bobbyswhirl answered: Sure, but as with every discernment, you can’t force it. Staying close to God and godly people makes it easier to listen to what God wants.
  11. frpete answered: Uh, yeah.
  12. moochiethinks answered: Yes. After I came back to the faith in 2000 I discerned if I had a calling. But it led me to realize I was called to marriage. Another story!
  13. iamjdn answered: After I was confirmed, our deacon has been joking with me calling me “Father John.” However, I do want to marry; maybe being a deacon is best
  14. adeeeblogs answered: I’m a girl, but my Dad was in the seminary for awhile before marriage. He’s a great Dad though so I’m glad he chose the path he did.
  15. closertothelost answered: yes I have!
  16. hebrews6-19 answered: I’m a woman…so obviously I haven’t, but my husband was considering the priesthood for a considerable amount of time :)
  17. shanepay answered: Definitely.
  18. happyandcatholic answered: Absolutely!
  19. christopherbaoantran answered: yeppp
  20. amigocesar answered: Thought about it, prayed about it, I don’t have the vocation. Life goes on. My girlfriend is nice.
  21. fpecson said: Definitely have and still am! Though I’ve always felt I was being called to marriage my whole life… Priesthood intrigues me more and more as the years go by. Im still fully discerning this though! Please pray for me. Thank you! :)
  22. 3pmcatholic answered: Yes and I’m actually applying to be a Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  23. harpsiccord answered: I did in my second year in college. I thought it’d be a cake walk- just memorizing stories. Plus I really loved the priest uniform. Still do!
  24. adaltaredei answered: I’ve wanted to be one all my life deep down! So yes i’d say more than just some point!
  25. narrativeisradical answered: i’m a girl, but i’ve thought about “if i were a boy…. I think i’d like to be a priest”
  26. thejerkchicken answered: I definitely have. I’m still trying to figure out if it is my calling. It’s just I find no greater joy than the joy I find in the church :)
  27. crusadermaximus answered: yup! currently in an application process
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